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EVOLVE Performance Group exists purely for the purpose of helping people and their organisations solve problems and grow by tapping into the potential that is waiting to be activated.

Essentially, what lies dormant, hidden by old paradigms of thinking, relationships and behaviours. Expanding intuitive intelligence and skills inspires new perspectives, actions and behaviours.


Our tools and techniques develop and encourage the best from your people, co-creating the business world you want.

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Passion & Purpose


I’ve always been fascinated by business and people.

At 21, I bought the first of eight businesses, all of which

stretched me in new ways, across multiple industries.

Stepping into Corporate Leadership in my late 30s

I learned a lot about how people impact success.

In 2005 I incorporated my entrepreneurial tendencies

with my corporate background and became a
professional development consultant working across

Australia, Asia, New Zealand and now the USA and Europe.
It’s seeing people thrive that drives me.

I love helping people express themselves in powerful and authentic ways at work.

Businesses are collectives of people serving a mutual purpose.

Without people, there is nothing to bring that purpose to life.
Whatever the industry, size of organisation or location across the globe; without inspired, well lead, skilled people, the business will always be less than it could be.

It’s my job to unlock that potential.

My Story

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