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Unmasking potential

A new way is emerging.


Our Services

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Dramatically increase the impact of training with

multi-dimensional development programs.

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Assists your people to grow into their potential, moving

from where they are, to where they need to be.

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Tailored team learning events that focus on Change,

Strategy, Leadership, Communication or Team Synergy.

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When the “gold” is within your people and you need to draw out the best strategy or operational solution. It’s time to call in facilitation expertise.

Our Impact

"Whether it‘s staff performance interviews or strategic planning,

Sue understands all aspects of business and has an amazing

gift of relating to people on all levels. 


Sue instils confidence and enables us to analyse issues then work through a step by step process to reach the best possible outcome".


Karen Stratford

General Manager - Aflex Technology New Zealand

Sue Thompson founded Evolve Performance Group in 2009

for the explicit purpose of helping people and their organisations solve problems and grow. Her expertise enables people to discover their potential and express themselves in powerful

and authentic ways at work.

Our Purpose

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